Last train home. Knowing they don’t have to come home tonight. And they won’t. After all, that was part of the deal. You were meticulous and it still happened. Box meal for two with a bottle of whiskey in a fancy box. She says it’s for her new boyfriend. He’s cheating on his long term […]

You reckless girl. Charging with so much ferocity but no direction. You filled a room with lavender and invited as many people as possible. Hoping for a restful sleep but instead you saw red. And you will pray for the blue. You will pray to go back. But you can’t. Not anymore.

You made your bed long ago but you’re just sitting on it Because running from your shadow made you realise you’re not as fast as you think And red flags merely look pale pink when you refuse to take off those rose tinted glasses So shattering glass ceilings still left you with Forever Ongoing Debris

Yes I cried, but only that day. No, I won’t cry anymore. Let the girls down. One day it will be you that will bleed.

That’s how you make me feel. Disproportionate. In a hurry to learn from it fast Like the second before jumping into the void And I dress up everyday as an unassailable person Strong. Happy. I even believe it When everything is fine, When I turn off the light, you are the monster under my bed. […]

Feeding into the bullshit But it’s taken much more than pleasing my needs So its about time I start cutting ties. Is this growth or detachment? Just imagine this. For once. Imagine wasting moments of romance Teaching someone how to love you. No butterflies But something like Gallstones Settling in me Unwittingly The only intimacy […]

I don’t have hate sex anymore. But I smoke now. Sometimes 1. Sometimes none. Today 7. Consistency isn’t my thing. The dispute hasn’t ended. But I’m still trying to finish. Still looking for my next big break. Still leaving underpaid jobs after 3 months. Consistency isn’t my thing. Irony is something to brush off until […]