You live your life by the concept of everything happening one after the next thing but what if the growing things start to grieve? What if it’s time to stop dancing? When will you realise you are the only one waiting? What if this is rebirth? Wasn’t it just yesterday you said you were ready […]

Feeding into the bullshit But it’s taken much more than pleasing my needs So its about time I start cutting ties. Is this growth or detachment? Just imagine this. For once. Imagine wasting moments of romance Teaching someone how to love you. No butterflies But something like Gallstones Settling in me Unwittingly The only intimacy […]

I don’t have hate sex anymore. But I smoke now. Sometimes 1. Sometimes none. Today 7. Consistency isn’t my thing. The dispute hasn’t ended. But I’m still trying to finish. Still looking for my next big break. Still leaving underpaid jobs after 3 months. Consistency isn’t my thing. Irony is something to brush off until […]

Silly girl. Diving in with such courage but no direction And yes, It’s nice to know I have you around Even if it feels like The struggle of finding strength in the darkness Whilst giving up on the light at the end of the tunnel But when you’re poison for long enough Someone too pure […]

Someone you used to love has forgotten the sound of your laugh This is the day they’ll smoke our bones and sigh at the state of our throats Realising why we haven’t spoken all week And it hasn’t hurt you yet But this is the glimps of a worn out ego The depths of your […]

Hey little lady He is a grown man You should forget him Forget his name

My many muses become murmurs in your presence  I don’t mind what you decide to swear by for the echoes in your apology Still, you saved up your energy regardless, you raised up the question regardless.  Can we elaborate on the quiet before the storm? Anything but him, anyone but him  Right beneath me Right […]