Monthly Archives: August 2013


I always undergo these changes with my appearance to boost my change in attitude. When I know it’s time to move on I get a haircut or dye my hair or change my style, something. Anything. This time it’s not enough. They’re not dramatic enough. I got a haircut(not that different though) dyed it darker, […]

It’s 2:05am and this is the last time I pretend that this is the end

it’s over. I’m done. We’re not drowning anymore. New beginning, without you. You’re nothing. We’re nothing. You’re a waste of time. I don’t know what I saw in you. I’ll find someone who will excite me more than you. He will be consistent. He will be everything you aren’t. He. Won’t. Be. A. Coward. and […]


Happy, nervous, confused. I mean, this could easily be the fresh start I’ve been waiting for. No, it is the fresh start that I’ve been in search for. I just need to let it be. I didn’t expect things to turn out like this, I remember being so focused on to doing psychology. Now I’m […]

It’s not over till I stop

What am I doing at 02:45am reminiscing the times we couldn’t get enough of each other? Around this time you’d stroll through your door, half drunk with heavy eyes. You’d hit me up whilst getting ready for bed, I used to imagine that there would be a day I’d watch you do all this. I […]


I created this blog to get away from my first blog, as it turned into a blog about love. It wasn’t originally created for that purpose, nor did I want it to ever be, but I refuse to erase the words I wrote that will soon be meaningless to me. That blog is as tarnished […]