Monthly Archives: October 2013

You’re emotionally drained.

Was it ever about me? Who has broken your heart my love? You have surely crushed mine. Was I a fool to assume you were hurting from the mess we made too? Is she less violent than me? Were her words softer than mine? Did they flow better? Does she make your heart beat faster […]

3:21AM and I make no sense.

It’s all repetitive. How many nights will I stay awake to try and make up for all the lessons I slept through? Why does the past haunt me? I thought I learnt better. I used to never let the next lover be the same as the last one, my scars used to be reminders, my […]


Addiction. It’s so easy to go back to what you know How do you tell yourself it’s time to stop? I feel my consciousness drifting and I don’t want it back. I don’t want you back. I don’t want me back. My words make no sense but my mind is as blank as the silence […]


Apparently I’m the cause of stress but you look lifeless since I left. Dark eyes and heavy lids surround your exterior and you’ve never looked so full in the face yet unhealthy. You have resided to your old ways and I already knew how this would end. Safe to say I have bettered myself. I […]

Learning from others

Listening to people’s love problems really helps stirs away from missing you. All that trouble isn’t worth it. The shit people put up with to make things worse make me cringe as a single woman, though I too was probably like that. It’s just humour to me now, the idea of being completely obsessed with […]


Hollow. I feel this gaping hole and I’m not quite sure when it’ll stop eroding. It’s hard to explain why my own reflection shatters as the years go by, but the reality of the situation is that I’m up at 5am trying to figure out an answer that’ll make sense to me, so of course […]

Heading towards contentment?

I’m no where close to true happiness, but I appreciate it. Really, I never thought I could actually become someone who would appreciate. I could never admit that I can be heedless purely because Its a trait I hate in others, but truthfully, let myself become my enemy. I am now trying to pull myself […]