Monthly Archives: November 2013


My darling, Your love is selfish in the same way that A labourer will work hard to earn, Their position angers them like no other But they will never leave In order to keep safe Knowing if they’re removed, they can’t survive. My darling, My love is selfish in the same way As my love […]


You used to remember my favourite colour The way I like my cupcakes Or how I always wanted to travel. My surname mixed with my first was a great liking of yours I’m sure at one point you found yours to be my last even better. Please leave me Cause I must leave you now […]

Facial expressions

Full lips Cat eyes Cheekbones high like the time he and I were at our peak I hate myself Aesthetically pleasing Your eyes plead for a kiss And you don’t get it Your love has faded You can’t read me You need me I need Air


I knew a man who turned pain into jokes I mistook his weakness for bravery I looked up to him For so long That I never noticed myself falling I mistook my falling for slipping away Thought I wasn’t enough to be close to him I am attracted to the idea that you will come […]

Anywhere but here

My demons whisper in my ear when it turns midnight, they remind me of the things I lack and all the pain I’ve ever caused I stay awake with the red horned figments of my imagination, we speak of the way I’ll never amount to what I can be as long as I let them […]

All strings attached

There is a rope made of silk It links from me to you I feel the pull loosen And assume its because you don’t want to ruin it Such a fragile, beautiful piece So I don’t glance your way. I saw myself wandering Further than I did when You held tight I trust that you’re […]


I hate how You will put your hands on my chest And I’ll believe you can feel The full force of my love With all the thick skin Blood And fragile bones Surrounding my heart.

I wouldn’t have wanted to know when you’d leave

I’m glad we can’t see the future. I don’t want to know when you’ll fall in love with a women less violent. Less cranky. She won’t have aggressive secrets or a false ego to cover up hate. You will bring her home and keep her safe and I will go back to dirty talking temporary […]