Monthly Archives: December 2013


I sat in your car and you drove me home I was scared that my profile facing you was my bad side Or that the creases under my eyes were even more prominent in the dim light we were surrounded in Or your favourite song would be by someone I never heard of Or that […]

Without you

1. This time last year I thought this time this year Would end with us 2. The holidays like to remind me Of the way I lie When I say I’ve stopped believing 3. In the coming year we will no longer speak But you’ve been distant for so long I’ve felt distant for so […]


I’d bust your lip Scream profanity in your face Tell you I hate you You broke me Then kiss you with the anger I built up since 09 When in the hell did I become so obnoxious? It’s time to obliterate this Now I’ll just wait To see the girl Who will take my place […]

Selective speaking

I’ll tell them I hate what he’s turned to I can’t be with a guy like that He’s a coward I don’t want to try anymore He does nothing for me I’m far too good to him For him. He’s like all the cigarettes he smokes Addictive and dangerous He only kills me in the […]

50 things I want to admit, just not to you

1. I used to stalk you on every social network. I stalked yours, I stalked your friends. It’s a year later and nothing’s changed. 2. You’re not actually my type physically, but no one has aroused me like you. 3. I thought that it would be you falling for me. 4. Sometimes I think I […]


Watering dead flowers It won’t change Oh, this won’t grow. I know, I know Feeding a flame will bring a higher chance of getting burned So, what will you tell me when I say I sit there waving lit matches around my fingers daily? Self destructive Yet I’m still trying to save us.

Old apples

Love tore my limbs apart And I chuckled till my voice box started to crack Cracking and I’m still cackling Cackling and I’m still mourning Losing you was hard, man. I’d dash a little salt on my brain if I could, I would never be the loin for his fruit Dissolve my memories and let […]