50 things I want to admit, just not to you

1. I used to stalk you on every social network. I stalked yours, I stalked your friends. It’s a year later and nothing’s changed.

2. You’re not actually my type physically, but no one has aroused me like you.

3. I thought that it would be you falling for me.

4. Sometimes I think I deserved your cold shoulder.

5. And then I remember I coated you with warmth.

6. I used to get frequent periods where I thought “you don’t really want to be with him”. It always crashed on me when I realised how wrong I was.

7. Remember when I told you that I loved him at the time? I lied. I was lonely. I wanted to die. I needed comfort. Affection.

8. It’s the same reason I kept you around. This reminds me of 4 years ago, just with more passion and less physical damage. More emotion. More mental damage.

9. I’d like to think I loved you, yet I’m waiting for this to blow over like the rest.

10. It hasn’t yet.

11. I never cried so much in my life.

12. My friends never knew the truth.

13. I feel my feelings fading.

14. But I don’t want you to fade.

15. I still want you to love me. Fall for me. I’m not sure why.

16. I am sure, I lied. It’s because we could have the craziest romance ever.

17. Saying things like that reminds me of you reminding me of my ‘magical world’ that I love to escape to

18. It’s funny because that’s reality for you.

19. I don’t care about your smoking and drinking anymore.

20. You don’t care about me being lost anymore.

21. God damn, I want to make love to you, though.

22. I’m certain I loved you.

23. I’d like to think I still do, but I haven’t felt butterflies in a while.

24. I like to make you think I’m happy. I like to make me think I’m happy.

25. It made me smile when I saw your life fall apart when we didn’t speak for six months. I thought you would return to me, but you didn’t. I no longer felt happy.

26. I think we live to kill each other.

27. Nothing ever hurt like you.

28. I don’t think I’ll connect with someone in the same way, that’s why I want to remain friends.

29. I wish you spoke to me more.

30. I wish I didn’t forgive you so easily, even though you never apologised.

32. I hope I find someone new and you can’t stand it. I hope you pretend to be happy for me and break down when you’re drunk. I hope it hurts you.

33. I hope you never love another more than me.

34. I like to think you loved me too.

35. I enjoy hurting you. I hate myself after.

36. You’re a monster.

37. I’m the devil.

38. It still gets to me that you didn’t wish me happy birthday.

39. I claim I don’t love you but here I am, listing things I’d never say out loud about us.

40. Some days I still see us in the future. Most days I don’t.

41. I love your nose. I wanted our kids to have it

42. I insulted you constantly to tease, but more so to portray your flaws to me so I wouldn’t fall deeper.

43. It didn’t work.

44. I’m sorry. I am. But you hurt me first. Hurt me worse.

45. I deserve someone who can admit his mistakes.

46. I still get angry at other women checking you. If only they knew.

47. The idea of you replacing me scares me the most, because I don’t know if I will even try to replace you.

48. I am not a hopeless romantic. I’m the ruins of a broken marriage.

49. I don’t want to get married.

50. I lied.

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