Selective speaking

I’ll tell them
I hate what he’s turned to
I can’t be with a guy like that
He’s a coward
I don’t want to try anymore
He does nothing for me
I’m far too good to him
For him.
He’s like all the cigarettes he smokes
Addictive and dangerous
He only kills me in the end.
Lose your morals in a single night girl
Regret in your eyes as the morning comes
That’s all I can get from you now.
I will never say
I don’t feel for him anymore.

You’ll claim I’m not good enough
That you’re an asshole
“Thank god I’m not in a relationship
Thank god I’m not in a fucking relationship.”
Describe a girl just like me as your type but I’m not what you want
Ignore me but god forbid I forget you
God fucking forbid
I move on
You’re back
You’re always back.
I’ll ask you
To tell me you don’t feel for me anymore
You won’t do it.

I’m tired
Of false hopes
And wet eyes.

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