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Shoulder to shoulder It bothered you You couldn’t believe how sharp my collar bones looked How frozen I was How small I felt Close enough to hurt me, You back off. Saving my heart From your burnout words What can you say That won’t turn into dust?

The Fog Between Us

Uncertainty comes in more ways than “Is this what I really want?” “Is this the right path?” Or “Is he the right one?” It creeps behind you At Waterloo station In between west and east bound Wondering which direction Is really home

The 100th problem.

Breathless. You’d think this would be about The way his presence made me feel Like I didn’t need anything else But I grew weaker Colder, so I never show my arms Older, so I never showed myself I wrote a will a year ago. You knew I was ill. Sneezing and not because you think […]

Blood cells

But darling I like the idea that you and I Can become a you and an I And I won’t remember us As a we Because it was all me and He will never understand that My bones became dust faster than his But the red head of our marrows showed me We were meant […]

Later dates

October 14 Those 5 months of silence made me see I don’t need it, but I’m still insane. November 2. 2013 Are we going back to the start? November 13. 2013 Your inconsistency was foreseeable. November 25. 2013 I won’t be bothering you anymore December 15. 2013 I hope my ghost haunts you Jan 4. […]