Let’s talk.

Sit opposite me and blow that thick cigar smoke in my face
Order me a martini
Nice suit
Is that the one I picked out?
It’s been a while, but it’s navy
Just the way I like it.

Tell me about the way you imagine yourself ruining me
That a part of you wishes your grip was loose like mine was
when I playfully pushed you on a train platform
What word doesn’t quite fit baby?
Why did I laugh so hard?

We won’t remind each other
Of the tears we silently shed behind our backs
Knowing the pain we felt apart from you and I
Clung to us like a leech

I won’t remind you of that night in Greece
Drunk out of your head
Where you admitted how my pain
Angered you
Enough to show it
When I’m away

You won’t remind me of that night
Drunk out of your head
When the venom I spat at you for drinking showed how
You scared me
Enough for me to deny it
When you’re here

Our glares always screamed
More than

I used to think
It was

I know
It was.

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