Monthly Archives: March 2014


They say absence makes the heart grow fonder But mine grew weaker No longer blood red But a shade of grey Evident enough To make the rain clouds in my conscience Feel like they’re not enough

He can’t tell me why so I can’t tell you either

It was a gentle forfeit. Like the painful silence every time I walked past our favourite bakery, or listened to the band you swore you loved like no other. It’s in every single considered step I take walking away from you.

The wonders of alcohol

He’s going to taste like gin and tonic and loneliness. You’re going to taste like vodka and cranberry and anxiety. You’re going to tell yourself that you need this, That you need him but I promise you don’t baby. I promise you don’t.

Red is the colour that pierces the atmosphere around you, but it’s not the colour you see when they leave.

In many circumstances the departure of a lover is foreseeable be it from the absence of their physical presence, the lack of mutual efforts or the dull tone to their “I love you too’s”. In most cases we like to cast off these small jesters to link with other emotions such as stress and tiredness, […]