Monthly Archives: June 2015

I’m so sorry miss Baudelaire 

You  See what  your eyes want  I’m a shadow,  A series of unfortunate events  When it’s no longer sunny, nor is there  Hope in Klaus when  Violet Plants die  Slow 

Misogynistc Humbert  

Lily Frilly  Silly  Willy  Alms calla white lily, frilly briefs Young sexy girls, silly willy theives


Stringer  Left-winger  Linger Anger You’re always the stringer, left-winger, free You’ve always let it linger, anger me

Teractys for Coeus 

A Load of Answers for Questions never  Asked of you, in charge of your own headache


Irony is lame He hated men like himself  I hated them too


Lounging  ‘I hate smoking’  I really did like him I showered thrice after he left   Lying 


I know  It must be hard  To hear what’s left unsaid I always told you in tongues how It stung


You were always my botulinum The glacier between the serotonin and dopamine  Pausing my path for us


Giving out candy hearts reading ‘Grow up’ like I don’t feel old Like I don’t feel cold 


I can’t stop thinking about  If you still think about whether I  Stopped thinking about you too