After the passing of our egos 

Some of the things you loved will leave when you wake up. Perhaps you will continue to dwell in your two failed exams that pause your progression and zoopla a bunch of cul-de-sac flats to pathetically portray your self indulged sorrow. Perhaps you will apply for more than just one job and I hope you’re just as embarrassed as I am for us. Here is the sissy-like self-disgust you have, just do it one more time like you mean it.  This is what you get for what you wished for. Things you saw changed because the way you remember things change. The image of your future used to be more deviating in nature and now has become linear, you see things linear, you have become linear, the day you see a picture of a dead friend for the first time is the day your life will begin. A day will come without losing our individuality that we will be uplifted from our defaults. But it will be a long time from now. 

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