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Yes I cried, but only that day. No, I won’t cry anymore. Let the girls down. One day it will be you that will bleed.


Hey little lady He is a grown man You should forget him Forget his name

Thank you for not returning my calls 

A good girl with bad habits. Finding it soothing to be unconfined but the fear of losing ones mind repeats itself. I have the tendancy of haunting myself with the memories I adore the most. This is what happens when we chase love like the ghost that it is. I was so afraid of losing […]

After the passing of our egos 

Some of the things you loved will leave when you wake up. Perhaps you will continue to dwell in your two failed exams that pause your progression and zoopla a bunch of cul-de-sac flats to pathetically portray your self indulged sorrow. Perhaps you will apply for more than just one job and I hope you’re […]

Still very lovable 

I don’t feel guilty Va te faire foutre!  Forcing some regret 


Trying to forget  Voids in my apologies  The silence in yours 

Well, why did words always go awry? 

Semantic satiation Began by displaying fortitude in the face of adversity But I already knew regret was stronger than gratitude  It’s as though when you’re not on edge you’re taking up too much space  So now we’re screaming because this used to be our playhouse  Amusing patrons seen as brickbat and heavy memories  And haunted […]

Like u

You said you adore the woman with farewells in her smile and thorns around her tastebuds in a love note sent to me, why did you say it like that? I haven’t felt the same since 


You were right sweetie this has taken much more than pleasing my needs if only you knew that in a few more years we would see another view

I’m so sorry miss Baudelaire 

You  See what  your eyes want  I’m a shadow,  A series of unfortunate events  When it’s no longer sunny, nor is there  Hope in Klaus when  Violet Plants die  Slow