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Lonely star

You reckless girl. Charging with so much ferocity but no direction. You filled a room with lavender and invited as many people as possible. Hoping for a restful sleep but instead you saw red. And you will pray for the blue. You will pray to go back. But you can’t. Not anymore.

He can’t tell me why so I can’t tell you either

It was a gentle forfeit. Like the painful silence every time I walked past our favourite bakery, or listened to the band you swore you loved like no other. It’s in every single considered step I take walking away from you.

Red is the colour that pierces the atmosphere around you, but it’s not the colour you see when they leave.

In many circumstances the departure of a lover is foreseeable be it from the absence of their physical presence, the lack of mutual efforts or the dull tone to their “I love you too’s”. In most cases we like to cast off these small jesters to link with other emotions such as stress and tiredness, […]


Shoulder to shoulder It bothered you You couldn’t believe how sharp my collar bones looked How frozen I was How small I felt Close enough to hurt me, You back off. Saving my heart From your burnout words What can you say That won’t turn into dust?

The 100th problem.

Breathless. You’d think this would be about The way his presence made me feel Like I didn’t need anything else But I grew weaker Colder, so I never show my arms Older, so I never showed myself I wrote a will a year ago. You knew I was ill. Sneezing and not because you think […]

Without you

1. This time last year I thought this time this year Would end with us 2. The holidays like to remind me Of the way I lie When I say I’ve stopped believing 3. In the coming year we will no longer speak But you’ve been distant for so long I’ve felt distant for so […]

50 things I want to admit, just not to you

1. I used to stalk you on every social network. I stalked yours, I stalked your friends. It’s a year later and nothing’s changed. 2. You’re not actually my type physically, but no one has aroused me like you. 3. I thought that it would be you falling for me. 4. Sometimes I think I […]


Watering dead flowers It won’t change Oh, this won’t grow. I know, I know Feeding a flame will bring a higher chance of getting burned So, what will you tell me when I say I sit there waving lit matches around my fingers daily? Self destructive Yet I’m still trying to save us.

Old apples

Love tore my limbs apart And I chuckled till my voice box started to crack Cracking and I’m still cackling Cackling and I’m still mourning Losing you was hard, man. I’d dash a little salt on my brain if I could, I would never be the loin for his fruit Dissolve my memories and let […]


My darling, Your love is selfish in the same way that A labourer will work hard to earn, Their position angers them like no other But they will never leave In order to keep safe Knowing if they’re removed, they can’t survive. My darling, My love is selfish in the same way As my love […]